Angel Witch

Angel Witch were an English heavy metal band from London that released a self-titled album on Bronze in 1980, followed by a pair of albums on Killerwatt during the mid-1980s.

Members: Kevin Heybourne (vocals, guitar), Rob Downing (guitar, 1977-79), Steve Jones (drums, 1977), Barry Clements (bass, 1977), Kevin “Skids” Riddles (bass, 1978-81), Dave Hogg (drums, 1978-80, 1984), Dave Dufort (drums, 1980-81), Roger Marsden (vocals, 1982), Jerry Cunningham (bass, 1982), Ricky Bruce (drums, 1982), Dave Tattum (vocals, 1984-86), Pete Gordelier (bass, vocals, 1984-89), Spencer Holman (drums, 1984-89)


  • Angel Witch (1980)
  • Loser” / “Suffer” / “Dr. Phibes” (1981)
  • Screamin’ n’ Bleedin’ (1985)
  • Frontal Assault (1986)

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