Andwella’s Dream

Andwella’s Dream were an Irish psychedelic pop trio that released the album Love and Poetry on CBS in 1969. Two further albums appeared on Reflection circa 1970/71 after the band expanded to a four-piece and abbreviated its nameplate to Andwella.

Andwella’s Dream members: David Lewis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Nigel Smith [Nigel Portman-Smith] (bass, vocals), Wilgar Campbell (drums, 1968), Gordon Barton (drums, 1968-70)

Andwella members: David Lewis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dave McDougall (keyboards), Nigel Smith [Nigel Portman-Smith] (bass, vocals, 1970-71), Gordon Barton (drums, 1970-71), David Struthers (bass, vocals, 1971-72), Jack McCulloch (drums, 1971-72)


  • Love and Poetry (1969)
  • World’s End (1970)
  • People’s People (1971)

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