Analogy was a German post-psych band based in Italy that released a self-titled album on Dischi Produzioni Ventotto in 1972.

Members: Jutta Taylor-Nienhaus (lead vocals), Nicola Pankoff (keyboards, 1972-73), Wolfgang Schöne (bass), Martin Thurn-Mithoff (12-string guitar, flute, bongos), Rocco Abate (flute, 1973-present), Mauro Rattaggi (bass), Hermann Jürgen “Mops” Nienhaus (drums, 1972-74), Roberto Carlotto (keyboards, 2011-present), Scott Hunter (drums, 2011-present)

Analogy evolved from Sons of Glove, formed in 1968 at the European School, Varese, in Lombardy, Italy, by German guitarist Martin Thurn-Mithoff.


  • Analogy (1972)
  • The Suite (1993, recorded 1973)


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