Anacrusa were an Argentine folk-rock/art-rock band that was initially active during the 1970s. The band released five studio albums on the Redondel and Philips labels between 1973 and 1979.

Members: Susana Lago (keyboards, vocals), José Luis Castiñeira de Dios (guitar, charango), Alejandro Erlich-Oliva (double bass, guitar, 1973-74), Elias Heger (drums, 1973-74), Rubén Izaurralde (flute, vocals, 1974-76), Quique Alvarado (bass, 1976), Juan Carlos Licari (drums, percussion, 1976), Ricardo Martinez (drums, percussion, 1976), Bruno Pizzamiglio (oboe, 1976-78), Jean-Louis Chautemps (saxophone, 1978), Francis Darizcuren (bass, 1978), Juan Enrique Farias Gomez (drums, percussion, 1978), André Arpino (drums, 1978), Daniel Sbarra (guitar, 1978), Raymond Guiot (flute, 1978), Patrice Mondon (violin, 1978-79), Tony Bonfils (bass, 1979) Narciso Omar Espinosa (guitar, 1979), Jacky Tricoire (guitar, 1979), Claude Maisonneuve (oboe, 1979), Pierre Gossez (saxophone, 1979)


  • Anacrusa (1973)
  • Anacrusa II (1974)
  • Anacrusa III (1976)
  • El Sacrificio (1978)
  • Fuerza (1979)

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