American Flyer

American Flyer were an American rustic-folk/pop band that released two albums on United Artists in 1976/77. Guitarist Steve Katz hailed from The Blues Project and Blood, Sweat and Tears. Keyboardist Eric Kaz had been in the psych bands Bear and the Blues Magoos. Musician Doug Yule hailed from the 1969–72 lineup of the Velvet Underground. Bassist Craig Fuller did time with the Pure Prairie League and later surfaced in Little Feat. After American Flyer folded, Fuller and Kaz released one further album as a duo in 1978.

Members: Craig Fuller (bass, guitar, vocals), Steve Katz (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Eric Kaz (harmonica, keyboards, vocals), Doug Yule (drums, vocals)


  • American Flyer (1976)
  • Spirit of a Woman (1977)

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