Amazing Blondel

Amazing Blondel were an English neo-medieval folk-rock trio from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, that debuted with a self-titled album on Bell in 1970, followed by four albums on Island during the ensuing three-year period. A trio of titles appeared on DJM during the mid-1970s, culminating with a live release that closed the band’s original period of activity.

The partnership of multi-instrumentalists Terry Wincott and John Gladwin stretched through a sequence of 1966/67 acts (The Dimples, Gospel Garden) that evolved into the folk-psych quintet Methuselah, which issued the album Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on Elektra in 1969. Guitarist Eddie Baird released a solo album, Hard Graft, on DJM in 1976.

Members: Terry Wincott (keyboards, cittern, recorder, flute, crumhorn, tabor pipe, ocarina, guitar, 1969-79, 1997-present), John Gladwin (lute, oboe, cittern, bass, 1969-73, 1980-2000), Eddie Baird (guitar, cittern, percussion, 1970-79, 1997-present), Adrian Hopkins (harpsichord, horn, oboe, strings, 1980-97), Paul Empson (dulcimer, guitar, vocals, 1980-97)


  • Amazing Blondel (1970)
  • Evensong (1970)
  • Fantasia Lindum (1971)
  • England (1972)
  • Blondel (1973)
  • Mulgrave Street (1974)
  • Inspiration (1975)
  • Bad Dreams (1976)
  • Live in Tokyo (1977)

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