Amalgam were an English free-jazz ensemble that released 10 albums on seven different labels between 1969 and 1979.

Members: Trevor Watts (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, percussion), Dave Cole (guitar), Colin McKenzie (bass), Pete Cowling (bass), Ron Herman (bass), Liam Genockey (drums), John Stevens (drums), Keith Tippett (piano), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Barry Guy (double bass), Jeff Clyne (bass), Kent Carter (bass), Keith Rowe (guitar), Lindsay Cooper (bass), Steve Hayton (guitar), Harry Miller (acoustic bass)


  • Prayer for Peace (1969)
  • Play Blackwell & Higgins (1973)
  • Innovation (1974)
  • Another Time (1976)
  • Deep (1977)
  • Samanna (1977)
  • Mad (1977)
  • Close to You (1978)
  • Over The Rainbow (1979)
  • Wipe Out (1979)

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