Almendra was an Argentine blues-rock/psych band from Buenos Aires that released a self-titled album on RCA Vik in 1969, followed by an eponymous double album in 1970. Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Luis Alberto Spinetta recorded a subsequent solo album, also titled Almendra, then fronted the popular Argentine bands Pescado Rabioso, Invisible, and Spinetta Jade. In 1979, Almendra reformed for a series of live shows and a 1980 third album, El Valle Interior.

Guitarist/singer Edelmiro Molinari went on to lead Color Humano. Bassist Emilio Del Güercio and drummer Rodolfo García later teamed in Aquelarre.

Members: Luis Alberto Spinetta (guitar, vocals), Edelmiro Molinari (guitar, vocals), Emilio Del Güercio (bass, vocals, flute), Rodolfo García (drums, vocals)

Almendra formed in 1967 when members of two Buenos Aires high school garage bands, Los Sbirros and Los Larkins, pooled their talents into one. The original lineup, initially called The Beatnicks, included Spinetta, Guercio, Molinari, García, and a keyboardist named Santiago Novoa. After a year-long pause where García was called to active duty, they regrouped as a four-piece (sans Novoa) under a new name, Almendra (Spanish for almond).


  • Almendra (1969)
  • Almendra (2LP, 1970)
  • El valle interior (1980)


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