Alice was a French post-psych band that released three singles and a 1970 self-titled album on BYG Records. In 1972, they returned with Arrêtez le monde (All Ice abroad) on Polydor.

Members: Alain Suzan (vocals, bass, organ), Jean-Pierre Auffredo (flute, saxophone, violin, 1970-71), Claude Olmos (guitar, 1970-71), Sylvain Duplant (bass, vocals, 1970-71), Jean Falissard (drums, 1970-71), Bruno Besse (guitar, vibraphone), Alain “Doudou” Weiss (drums), Slim Pezin (guitar), Simon Boissezon (bass), Luc Bertin (keyboards), François Debricon (saxophone, flute), Jean-Pierre Villemin (drums), Ian Jelfs (rhythm guitar, vocals, 1972-73), Paul Semama (lead guitar, 1972-73)

Alice formed as We Free, a free-psych band that played at Amougies in 1969.


  • Alice (1970)
  • Arrêtez le monde (1972)


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