Albert Marcœur

Albert Marcœur is a French musician, composer, and arranger who released ten albums between 1974 and 2008. His first four albums — Albert Marcœur, Album à Colorier, Armes & Cycles, and Celui où y’a Joseph — contain Zappa-esque fusions of avant-garde rock, big band, and zolo music. Along with Etron Fou Leloublan, he foreshadowed the 1980s French RIO sound of the ReR-affiliated AYAA Disques label.


Albert Marcœur was born on December 12 1947, in Dijon, France, and studied clarinet at the National Academy of Music and Dance of Dijon.

In 1972, he drummed (uncredited) on the Chaland Records release Rock Anthology 1, an album of Led Zeppelin covers credited to The Phoenix (also released on Disques Look For as A Tribute to Led Zeppelin and Actual Rock). In 1974, he played alto saxophone and clarinet on two tracks (“Black Art,” “Bouleau Bleu”) on Doin’ Nuthin’, the second of two albums by French jazz-rockers Nemo.

Albert Marcœur

Albert Marcœur released his self-titled debut album in 1974 on French Atlantic.

Album à Colorier

Albert Marcœur released his second album, Album à Colorier, in 1976 on French Atlantic.

Armes & Cycles

Albert Marcœur released his third album, Armes & Cycles, in 1979 on Philips.

Celui où y’a Joseph

Albert Marcœur released his fourth album, Celui où y’a Joseph, in 1983 on Le Chant du Monde.

Ma vie avec elles

Albert Marcœur released his fifth album, Ma vie avec elles, in 1990 on Baillemont Productions.

Sports et percussions

Albert Marcœur released his sixth album, Sports et percussions, in 1994 on Disques Concord.



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