Alaska y Los Pegamoides / Dinarama

Alaska y Los Pegamoides were a Spanish New Wave band led by vocalist/performer Alaska — aka Olvido Gara Jova (born June 13, 1963). The band released five singles between 1980 and 1982, culminating with the popular album on Grandes éxitos on Hispavox. The departure of two members prompted a name change to Alaska y Dinarama, a configuration that yielded five further albums between 1983 and 1989.

Members: Alaska (vocals), Nacho Canut (bass), Carlos Berlanga (guitar, backing vocals), Ana Curra (vocals, keyboards, 1980-82), Eduardo Benavente (drums, backing vocals, guitar, 1980-82), Jorge Arbolés [Toti] (drums, 1982), Ángel Altolaguirre (guitar, 1983), Johnny Canut (drums, 1983), Javier de Amezúa (saxophone, 1983-89), Marcos Mantero (keyboards, 1983-85), Jorge Arbolés [Toti] (drums, 1984-85), Juan Carlos Moreno (drums 1985-89), Luis Miguélez (guitar, 1989)


  • Grandes éxitos (1982)
  • Canciones Profanas (1983 • Dinarama + Alaska)
  • Deseo Carnal (1984)
  • No es Pecado (1986)
  • Diez (1987)
  • Fan Fatal (1989)

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