Alain Eckert Quartet

The Alain Eckert Quartet was a French jazz-rock/Zeuhl combo that released a 1981 self-titled album on two-press L’Amanite. Guitarist Eckert and bassist Alain Lecointe also played in Strave, the concurrent project of drummer Serge Bringolf. Eckert and keyboardist Patricia Dallio hailed from Art Zoyd.

Members: Alain Eckert (guitar), Alain Lecointe (bass), Patricia Dallio (keyboards), Serge Bringolf (drums)

Eckert formed the band after his on/off stint with Art Zoyd: he played on their 1976 debut Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités and 1980 third album Génération sans futur. As an arranger, he handled the 1978 double-album Gaston Couté by chanson singer Bernard Meulien.


  • Alain Eckert Quartet (1981)


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