Alain Buro

Alain Bureau (Aug. 6, 1951—July 13, 2014) was a Belgian vocalist, guitarist and songwriter who was active with band and solo work during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Bureau first recorded as a member of Benelux psych/hard-rockers Light Fire, which released two singles on the Pink Elephant label in 1970. Abbreviating his surname to Buro, he released two solo singles and the 1975 album Fume, C’est Du Belge, all in a symphonic/chanson vein. Later in the decade, he assumed the alias Alan Von Bür for two albums with local punk trio Hubble Bubble. During the early ’80s, he adopted yet another pseudonym, Sally Joy, and recorded several singles and one album with electro-pop/coldwave combo Kuruki.


  • “Oui Pour Non” / “La Plus Belle du Quartier” (1974, 7″)
  • “Prends Ma Main” / “Les Yeux Fermés” (date unknown, 7″)
  • Fume, C’est Du Belge (1975, LP)

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