Akiko Yano

Akiko Yano — 矢野顕子 (born Feb. 13, 1955) — is a Japanese art-pop singer who released five albums on Philips between 1976 and 1979, followed by three albums on Japan Records during the early 1980s. She has released more than two dozen titles since that time, mostly on Epic and Midi Inc.

Yano was born Akiko Suzuki (鈴木 顕子 Suzuki Akiko) on February 13, 1955, in Tokyo. She was raised in Aomori and started piano at age three. At 15, she left school to join the music scene in Tokyo, where she first performed in jazz combos and gradually gained session work.

In 1975, she got her first credits as a backing singer on albums by Kenji Endo (Hard Folk Kenji) and Minako Yoshida (Minako). She also played electric piano on the debut album by Tin Pan Alley.

In February 1976, she started work on her first album at Onkio Haus. The following month, she cut five songs in Los Angeles with backing by Little Feat. Back in Japan, she cut a final track (“大いなる椎の木”) on Arp synthesizer with Haruomi Hosono on bass. The completed album, Japanese Girl (日本少女), was released on July 25, 1976.


  • 長月 神無月 (Nagatsuki Kannazuki) (live, 1976)
  • Japanese Girl (日本少女) (1976)
  • いろはにこんぺいとう (Iroha ni Konpeitou) (1977)
  • ト・キ・メ・キ (Tokimeki) (1978)
  • ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) (2LP, 1980)
  • ただいま。 (Tadaima.) (1981)
  • 愛がなくちゃね。 (Ai ga Nakucha ne) (1982)
  • オーエスオーエス (OSOS) (1984)
  • Brooch (1985)
  • 峠のわが家 (Touge no Wagaya) (1986)
  • Granola (1987)
  • Welcome Back (1989)
  • Love Life (1991)
  • Super Folk Song (1992)
  • Piano Nightly (1995)


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