Agathorn were a Danish art-rock band from Roskilde, Sjælland, that released a self-tilted album on Telefunken in 1981, followed by a standalone a-side in 1982 and a numerically eponymous second album in 1987.

Members: Henrik Dall (lead guitar, vocals), Jan Kargaard Madsen (guitar, vocals), Jan Heidebo (keyboards, vocals), Morten Bruun Pedersen (bass, vocals), Erik Havaleska Jensen (drums), Lars Jensen (keyboards, percussion)


  • Agathorn (1981)
  • “The Child Inside” (1982)
  • Agathorn 2 (1987)

1 thought on “Agathorn

  1. Dear editors! Great site, with extremely much good music! Please notice: The Danish band Agathorn made more than one release: Also: The Child Inside (single) 1982, Agathorn 2 “3-4..” (album) in 1987 – and not to forget we just released a live album with many of the songs from the first album. “Agathorn live at Gimle, Roskilde” So this is also music from the ’80’s…. The album can be streamed at Amazon et.c. and there is a videoversion at Youtube.
    Would be nice if you could find the opportunity to update! Please let me know if you need additional footage links or the like. Many regards Jan Heidebo/Agathorn

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