Afraid of Mice

Afraid of Mice were an English New Wave band from Liverpool that released a self-titled album and a handful of singles on Charisma in 1981/82.

Members: Philip Franz Jones (vocals, saxophone, flute, keyboards), Geoff Kelly (bass, vocals), Clive Gee (drums), Ronnie Stone (guitar, 1979-80), Rod Gilliard (guitar, 1980-81), Sam Brew (guitar, vocals, 1981-?), Mark Singleton (keyboards, guitar, 1984-?), Peter Leay (guitar), Nick Murphy (keyboards)


  • Afraid of Mice (1981)


  • “I’m on Fire” / “Down in the Dark” (1981)
  • “Intercontinental” / “What Shall We Do” (1981)
  • “Pop Star” / “What I Want” (1981)
  • “At the Club” / “I Will Wait” (1982)
  • “Transparent” / “That’s Not True” (1982)

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