Aditus are a Venezuelan jazz rock band that was active as a recording unit for more than 20 years. Starting with 1977’s A Través de la Ventana, the band released an album every other year with the first three attracting international listeners. The nameplate was still active under newer personnel well into the 21st century.

Members: Edgar De Sola (drums, vocals, 1973-74), Carlos Atilano (guitar, 1973-74), José Ignacio Lares (keyboards, 1973-74), Nicholas Nevincenko (guitar, 1973-74), Sandro Liberatoscioli (bass, vocals, 1973-92), Álvaro Falcón (guitar, 1974-77), George Henríquez (vocals, keyboards, 1974-present), Valerio González (drums, percussion, 1977-present), Pedro Castillo Díaz (guitar, vocals, 1981-92)

Select discography:

  • “Las Lunas de Marte” / “Bajada Misteriosa” (1975)
  • A Través de la Ventana (1977)
  • 2 (1979)
  • Fuera de La Ley (1981)
  • Posición Adelantada (1983)
  • AM-Vision (1984)
  • Juegos de Azar (1985)
  • Algo Eléctrico (1987)
  • Otro Mundo (1990)
  • Diez (1992)

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