Abus Dangereux

Abus Dangereux were a French jazz-rock band that released three studio albums and a live disc on assorted labels between 1980 and 1985. A name truncation to Abus yielded three further albums over the ensuing half decade.

Members: Pierrejean Gaucher (guitar), Eric Bono (piano, keyboards), Laurent Kzrewina (saxophone), Alain Mourey (drums), Pascal Gaillard (bass), Sylvie Voise (vocals), Caitriona Walsia (vocals), Dan Ken (vibraphone), Arnaud Jarlan (percussion), Nigel Warren Green (cello), Arnaud Devos (vibraphone, marimba, percussion), Bobby Rangell (saxophone, flute), Philippe Euvrard (bass), Guillermo Benavides (bass), François Verly (drums, percussion), Frédéric Martin (trumpet), Jacques Marugg (vibraphone), Philippe Talet (bass)


  • Le Quatrième Mouvement (1980)
  • Bis (1982)
  • Happy French Band (1983)
  • Live au New Morning (1985)

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