Abstract Truth

Abstract Truth were a South African psych-rock band that released two albums in the early 1970s. The band was headed by former Freedom’s Children guitarist Kenny Henson, who later recorded solo and in partnership with singer/songwriter Brian Finch. The band’s second album, Totem, also features ex-Third Eye percussionist Robbie Pavid.

Members: Kenny Henson (guitar, vocals), Peter Measroch (keyboards, flute, vocals), Mike Dickman (guitar, vocals), Robbie Pavid (percussion), Ian Bell (flute), Brian Gibson (bass, vocals), Sean Bergin (flute, saxophone), George Wolfaardt (bass, flute, drums, vocals), Brian Alderson (keyboards), Harry Poulos (guitar), Eric Dorr (flute), Ramsay Mackay (bass)

In the late ’70s, Sean Bergin resurfaced on the Dutch avant-jazz scene, releasing albums in solo and combo configurations, most notably as a duo with Ernst Reijseger and as part of the ten-piece M.O.B.


  • Silver Trees (1970)
  • Totum (1971)

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