Abraxis were a Belgian jazz-rock band that recorded a self-titled album for local EMI subsidiary IBC in 1976.

Members: Charles Loos (piano, keyboards), Dirk Bogaert (flute), Paul Elias (guitar), Jean-Paul Musette (bass), Tony Malisan (drums), Jacky Mauer (drums)

Abraxis was assembled in Brussels by pianist/composer Charles Loos (born July 29, 1951), who played on the 1974 album Postaeolian Train Robbery by Cos. Guitarist Paul Elias played backup to local singers André Bialek and Michel Fischer. Bassist Jean-Paul Musette was part of the pre-Cos configuration Classroom. Drummer Jack Mauer and flutist Dirk Bogaert hailed from Waterloo and Pazop. Spare drummer Tony Malisan recorded three albums with the multi-national flamenco-rock ensemble Esperanto.

Abraxis was recorded in late 1976 and released in early 1977 on International Bestseller Company. Side one consists of “Clear Hours” and the 16-minute suite “Valse De La Mort / A Boire / Et à / Manger.” Side two features five pieces, including “Bolle Winkel” and the Musette compositions “Sweetank” and “Jeronimo.” All but those last two were written by Loos. Malisan drums on most of the shorter tracks. Prominent musical characteristics include soft woodwind melodies, crisp piano runs, and creamy Fender fills across sharp, chromatic key passages. The album was engineered by Machiavel producer Erwin Vervaecke.

Loos subsequently recorded with Nuit Câline à la Villa Mon Rêve
and rejoined Cos for the 1978/79 albums Babel and Swiß Chalet. He then played on the 1980 album A Neuf by chamber-rockers Julverne and released a string of solo and collaborative titles during the 1980s. Mauer and Bogaert next partnered in the comedy-rock act The Veterans, which scored the 1980 novelty hit “There Ain’t No Age for Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Abraxis was reissued in 2015 by German archivists Paisley Press and again in 2019 by French specialists Replica Records.


  • Abraxis (1976)


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