Aardvarks were an Austrian hard-rock band from Salzburg that released four albums on namesake self-press Aardvarks Records between 1982 and 1990.

Members: Kurt Deixler (guitar, 1980), Michael Wagner (bass, vocals, 1980), Rico Pucher (guitar, vocals, 1980-82), Robert Jansky (drums, 1980), Johann Kastinger (keyboards, 1980-85), Horst Trattnig (vocals, blues harp, 1980), Paul Hochrainer (guitar, 1987), Heimo Rieger (1982-84), Gerhard Lindlbauer (keyboards, 1983-85), Gerold Altwirth (drums, keyboards, 1987), Wolfgang Winkler (saxophone, 1987), Anita Rettenwander (vocals, 1987-88), Manuela Aichhorn-Doringer (vocals, 1988)

Aardvarks recorded their eponymous debut album at Treibsand studios in 1982. Containing six songs of medium length, the album is characterized by low-fi production and primitive guitar/keyboard interplay, as heard on “The Huskie,” “Spider Center,” and the punningly titled “Aardvakistan.” Two years later, the band issued the half-live/half-studio Aardvarks Second, which marked a change in sound and band personnel. In 1987, the band was joined by ex-Ginga Rale guitarist Paul Hochrainer for the album Don’t Wake the Sleeping Dogs!.


  • Aardvarks (1982)
  • The Aardvarks Second (1984)
  • Don’t Wake the Sleeping Dogs! (1987)
  • Odd Ark (1990)

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