A Thinking Plague

A Thinking Plague are an American avant-rock band from Denver, Colo., that released two albums on Endemic Music between 1984 and 1986, followed by In This Life on RēR in 1989. Four further discs appeared on Cuneiform during the subsequent three decades.

Members: Mike Johnson (guitar, drums, percussion, vocals), Rick Arsenault (drums, 1982-83), Sharon Bradford (vocals, noise, synthesizer, 1982-84), Harry Fleishman (piano, organ, vocals, 1982-84), Bob Drake (bass guitar, drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, balalaika, synthesizer, piano, organ, noise, violin, 1982-94), Mark Fuller (drums, 1983-88), Eric Moon [Eric Jacobson] (keyboards, 1985-88), Susanne Lewis (vocals, 1985-90), Mark McCoin (drums, percussion, vocals, 1985-86), Lawrence Haugseth (clarinet, vocals, keyboards, 1987-88), Maria Moran (bass, guitar, 1988-89), Shane Hotle (piano, synthesizer, noise, organ, Mellotron, 1988-98), Mark Harris (baritone saxophone, clarinet, flute, 1988-present), Dave Kerman (drums, percussion, 1989-2000, 2007-present), Deborah Perry (vocals, 1996-2004), David Willey (bass, accordion, 1996-present), Matt Mitchell (keyboards, 1999-2004), David Shamrock (drums, percussion, 2001-04), Elaine di Falco (vocals, 2007-present), Kimara Sajn (keyboards, 2007-present)


  • …A Thinking Plague (1984)
  • Moonsongs (1986)
  • In This Life (1989)
  • In Extremis (1998)
  • A History of Madness (2003)
  • Decline and Fall (2012)
  • Hoping Against Hope (2017)

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