A Euphonious Wail

A Euphonious Wail were an American soul-rock band from Santa Rosa, Calif., that released a self-titled album on Kapp Records in 1973.

Members: Suzanne Rey (percussion, vocals), Bart Libby (organ, piano), Steve Tracy (guitar, vocals), Gary Violetti (bass, vocals), Doug Huffman (drums, vocals)

A Euphonious Wail formed in 1968 and played the west coast acid-rock circuit. They toured with the likes of Steppenwolf and Black Sabbath.

In 1973, A Euphonious Wail released their singular album on Knapp, a division of MCA. Eight of the album’s nine songs are originals, including “Chicken,” “I Want To Be a Star,” “We’ve Got the Chance,” and “F#.” The opening track, “Pony,” is credited to one John Forrest Brandeburg. The album was co-produced and engineered at MCA Recording Studios by Brian Ingoldsby (Biff Rose, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Webb, Linda Perhacs, Fanny Adams, Elton John).

The only band member with a post-AEW credit is keyboardist Bart Libby, who played on the 1981 EP Arrives by hard-rockers Terraplane. His final credit is on the 1986 album Who Will Tell Them? by CCM performer Francis Anfuso. That album also features L.A. Express/Group 87 guitarist Peter Maunu.


  • A Euphonious Wail (1973)


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  1. They played at my senior prom at Santa Rosa High in 1969.

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