A Certain Ratio

A Certain Ratio were an English art-funk/New Wave band from Manchester that released a slew of shortplayers on Factory Records circa 1979/80, followed by four albums on the label between 1981 and 1986.

Members: Jez Kerr (bass, vocals), Simon Topping (vocals, trumpet, percussion, 1978-83), Martin Moscrop (guitar, trumpet), Peter Terrell (guitar, electronics, 1978-82), Donald Johnson (drums, 1979-present), Martha Tilson (vocals, 1981-82), Andy Connell (keyboards, 1982-86), Tony Quigley (saxophone, 1983-present)


  • The Graveyard and the Ballroom (cassette, 1979)
  • Do the Du (EP, 1981)
  • To Each… (1981)
  • Sextet (1982)
  • I’d Like to See You Again (1982)
  • Force (1986)
  • Good Together (1989)

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