A Barca do Sol

A Barca do Sol were a Brazilian folk-pop/psych band that released two albums on Continental between 1974 and 1976, followed by a third on Verão in 1979.

Members: Jaques Morelenbaum (vocals, piano, cello), Nando Carneiro (guitar, vocals), Mauri Costa (guitar), Marcelo Costa (drums), Beto Rezende (viola, guitar), Marcos Stull (bass, 1973-75), Richard Court (flute, 1973-75), Marcelo Bernardes (flute, 1973-75), Rui Motta (drums, 1973-75), Alan Pierre (bass, 1976-81), David Ganc (flute, 1976-81)


  • A Barca do Sol (1974)
  • Durante o verão (1976)
  • Pirata (1979)

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