A-440 were an American rock band from Houston that released three garage-psych singles on the local labels Sona and Cinema in 1967/68. In 1978, the reactivated band issued the symphonic-rock/opera Ulysses: The Greek Suite on 20th Century.

Members: Ted Neeley (vocals), Carlos Luevano (guitar), Craig Meacham (bass), Ian Hoffman (drums), Michael Rapp (keyboards), Yvonne Iverson (vocals)


  • “It’s Just Your Mind” / “Torture” (1967)
  • “When I Get Out” / “So Watch Out” (1968)
  • “Instructions: Please Do Not Open Before Christmas” / “Santa Claus Is Comin’ Yeah!” (1968)
  • Ulysses: The Greek Suite (1978)

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