5 Hand Reel

5 Hand Reel were an English/Scottish folk-rock band that released three albums on RCA Victor between 1976 and 1978, followed by a fourth on Topic Records in 1979.

Members: Bobby Eaglesham (vocals, mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, side drum), Tom Hickland (vocals, fiddle, keyboards, organ), Barry Lyons (bass, keyboards, whistle), Dave Tulloch (percussion, side drum, harmonica), Chuck Fleming (fiddle, 1974-75), Dick Gaughan (vocals, guitar, tin whistle, cittern, 1975-78), Sam Bracken (vocals, guitar, 1978-80)

  • 5 Hand Reel (1976)
  • For A’ That (1977)
  • Earl O’ Moray (1978)
  • A Bunch of Fives (1979)

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