15-60-75 The Numbers Band

15-60-75 (aka the Numbers Band) were an American avant-rock ensemble from Kent, Ohio, that released the live album Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town on self-press Water Brothers in 1976. After a six-year gap, they issued two studio albums between 1982 and 1987.

Members: Robert Kidney (vocals, guitar), Terry Hynde (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone), Hank Smith (guitar, keyboards), Greg Colbert (bass), Tim Hudson (drums), David Robinson (drums, 1972-86), Gerald V. Casale (bass), Jack Kidney (harmonica, tenor saxophone, organ, 1973-present), Jay Brown (drums, 1973-75), Drake Gleason (bass, 1973-77), Chris Butler (bass), Michael Stacey (guitar, 1976-89), Timothy Maglione (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone), Bart Johnson (bass, 1977-83), Fred Tribuzzo (bass, 1983-?), Steve Calabria (bass), Frank Cassamento (drums), Frank Reynolds (bass), Bill Watson (bass)

They formed in 1969 when guitarist and singer Robert Kidney teamed with saxophonist Terry Hynde, keyboardist Hank Smith, bassist Greg Colbert, and drummer Tim Hudson.


  • Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town (1976)
  • 15.60.75 2 (1982)
  • Among the Wandering (1987)


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