Zut Un Feu Rouge ‎– Who’s Afreud (1985)

Who’s Afreud is the singular full-length album by Swedish art-rock band Zut Un Feu Rouge, released in 1985 on Bauta.

A1. “Magmunnen
A2. Ҥ 1066
A3. “Café Thorax
A4. “Rheingold
A5. “Sålunda Järnvägshotell
A6. “Krokodildressyr
A7. “Sken Av Âlg
Sju Sovare, Part I-VII
B1. “Förlåten”
B2. “Mellan Gud Innan
B3. “Fly Fortuna
B4. “Tid Bredvid
B5. “Ung Revelj
B6. “Åter Uppståndelse
B7. “Slut”

Alto Saxophone – Klaus Fischer
Backing Vocals – Ingemo, Maggan
Bass, Tenor Saxophone – Gunnar Johansson
Guitar, Bass – Mats Andersson
Keyboards, Strings, Percussion, Vocals – Lars Jonsson
Percussion – Lars Druid
Trombone – Andreas Hedvall

Written-By, Recorded By, Producer – Zut Un Feu Rouge

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