Zerra I ‎– Zerra I (1984)

Zerra I is the debut album by the namesake Irish New Wave/rock band, produced by Todd Rundgren and released in 1984 on Mercury.

A1. “Mountains and Water” (4:40)
A2. “Tumbling Down” (3:42)
A3. “Diaries” (5:35)
A4. “I Feel It” (3:37)
A5. “The Other Side” (4:14)
B1. “Rain” (4:03)
B2. “I Know” (5:03)
B3. “Nothing” (3:34)
B4. “Young Love” (5:27)
B5. “Children” (5:38)

Paul Bell — lead vocals, keyboards
Andreas Grimminger — guitar
Adrian Wyatt — bass
Mike Mesbur — drums

Todd Rundgren — producer

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