Zed ‎– Visions of Dune (1979)

Visions of Dune is a 1979 album by French electronic musician Bernard Szajner, released under the performance moniker Zed on Sonopresse. Subsequent releases would bear the artist’s own name.

First Vision
A1. “Dune” (5:05)
A2. “Bashar” (1:34)
A3. “Thufir Hawat” (1:11)
A4. “Sardaukar” (1:00)
A5. “Bene Gesserit” (7:50)
A6. “Shaï Hulud” (7:30)
Second Vision
B1. “Fremen” (4:16)
B2. “Harkonnen” (2:44)
B3. “Adab” (2:32)
B4. “Gom Jabbar” (1:28)
B5. “Ibad” (4:35)
B6. “Kwizatz Haderach” (5:45)

Composed By, Producer, Synthesizer [Oberheim Synthesizer, Arp Odyssey], Electronics [Laser Generators], Sequencer [Oberheim Digital] – Bernard Szajner
Drums – Clement Bailly (A2, A4, B1, B2,)
Guitar – Colin Swinburne (A1, B2, B5)

Photography By – Jean-Michel Tardy

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