Zbigniew Seifert ‎– Zbigniew Seifert (1977)

Zbigniew Seifert is the self-titled second album by the Polish jazz-rock violinist, released in 1977 on Capitol.

A1. “On the Farm” (5:26)
A2. “Quasimodo” (4:21)
A3. “Way to Oasis” (3:55)
A4. “For the Love of You” (3:58)
B1. “Chinatown” (5:11)
B2. “Nasty Gal” (3:58)
B3. “Would You Ever…” (4:09)
B4. “Song for Christopher” (5:41)

Zbigniew Seifert — violin, synthesizer, grand piano, organ
James Batton — electric piano, Clavinet
Rob Franken — synthesizer
Hubert Eaves — grand piano, organ, Clavinet
Dwight Brewster — Clavinet, electric piano
Mike Mandel — synthesizer
Reggie Lucas — electric guitar
Stefan Diez — electric guitar
Joe Caro — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Philip Catherine — electric guitar
John Turner — electric bass
John Lee — electric bass, producer
Hakim Emanuel Thompson — drums, triangle
Gerry Brown — drums
Daryl Brown — drums
Mtume — percussion
Jon Faddis — trumpet
Mike Lawrence — trumpet
Randy Brecker — trumpet
Michael Brecker — tenor saxophone
Dave Taylor — bass trombone
Chris Hinze — flute, producer
Cheryl Alexander — vocals
Tawatha Agee — vocals
Skip Drinkwater — executive producer, mastering
Jerry Schoenbaum — executive producer

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