Zartong ‎– Zartong (1979)

Zartong is the lone album by Paris-based Armenian folk/psych band Zartong, released in 1979 on Dom.

A1. “Dzamone, Part 1” (1:00)
A2. “Dzamone, Part 2” (2:35)
A3. “Parhélie” (2:35)
A4. “I Verine, Part 1” (5:30)
A5. “Prosopoéo” (2:00)
A6. “I Verine, Part 2” (1:49)
B1. “Toy Narguiz” (3:17)
B2. “Éveil” (2:00)
B3. “Kélé Kélé” (4:50)
B4. “Armenian Hore, Part 1” (1:30)
B5. “Dolé Yaman” (4:28)
B6. “Armenian Hore, Part 2” (1:19)
B7. “Hoy Nazan” (3:04)

Richard Tanelian — drums
Lorys Tildian — [kematcha] instrument, vocals
Franck Tildian — bass, vocals
Stepan Akian — santour, synthesizer, vocals

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