Zarathustra ‎– Also Spielt… (1982)

Also Spielt… is the singular album by German symphonic/hard-rockers Zarathustra, self-released by the band in 1982 with the catalog number 1-682 TSM. The band had no connection to the namesake, compatriot hard rockers who released a self-titled album exactly 10 years beforehand.

A1. “Intro / Way to Your Heart” (7:25)
A2. “Echoes and Shadows” (4:37)
A3. “Frühlingslied” (6:43)
B1. “Balztanz” (3:18)
B2. “Got to Get Way” (6:14)
B3. “Herzlichen Funk!” (2:55)
B4. “Imaginations” (6:20)

Bass – Thomas F. Weigel
Drums – Andreas Kupfer, Michael Wild
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [12 String], Synth [Synthi] – Thomas Launhardt
Organ, Electric Piano [Yamaha Cp 70], Synth [Synthi], Clavinet – Matthias Kamm
Vocals – Stefan Muth

Producer – Zarathustra
Recorded By – Werner Eismann

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