Zamla Mammaz Manna ‎– Schlagerns Mystik / För Äldre Nybegynnare (1978)

Schlagerns Mystik / För Äldre Nybegynnare is a half-studio/half-live double-album by Swedish avant-garde/jazz-rock/folk band Zamla Mammaz Manna, released in 1978 on Silence.


Schlagerns Mystik
A1. “At Ragunda” (1:39)
A2. “Seasonsong” (3:46)
A3. “Profession Is The Amateur’s Glue” (2:20)
A4. “Buttonless” (2:19)
A5. “Not Margareta” (3:49)
A6. “Little Karin” (4:18)
A7. “Asphaltsong” (1:54)
B1. “Joosan Lost” (0:32)
B2. “The Fate” (16:55)
För Äldre Nybegynnare
C1. “Watchmaker 1” (3:42)
C2. “Watchmaker 2” (2:31)
C3. “The Funktrap” (2:50)
C4. “Short Inheritance” (1:56)
C5. “The Modern” (6:19)
C6. “Temporal You Are” (2:37)
D1. “Harness In Memoriam” (12:30)
D2. “To The Oval Meter” (3:47)
D3. “Do You Think Like Me?” (5:14)

Lars Hollmer — electric piano, keyboards, piano, vocals
Eino Haapala — guitar, vocals
Lars Krantz — bass
Hasse Bruniusson — drums, glockenspiel, xylophone, vocals

Anders Lind — engineer
Zamla Mammaz Manna — recording engineer

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