Ys ‎– Madame la Frontière (1976)

Madame la Frontière is an album by French folk combo Ys, released in 1976 on Philips.

A1. “O’Conell Street” (2:54)
A2. “Dentu ganème (Viens avec moi)” (4:03)
A3. “Madame la frontière” (2:46)
A4. “Captain O’Kane” (4:58)
A5. “Comment vouloir qu’une personne chante (Quand elle n’a pas son coeur en liberté)” (2:48)
B1. “Ag arlane (Oen dimeet)” (2:41)
B2. “O ya lanet em elus (O oui je l’ai dit)” (2:49)
B3. “Conolan’s Farewell” (2:33)
B4. “Ar gohoni (La vieillesse)” (3:16)
B5. “Yston” (5:49)

Guitar [Guitares] – Pierre Chereze
Violoncello [Violoncelle] – Jacques Wiederker
Vocals [Chant], Bass [Basse Fender] – Jacky (Blet) Thomas
Vocals [Chant], Drums [Batterie], Percussion [Percussions] – Michel Santangeli
Vocals [Chant], Keyboards [Tous Instruments à Clavier] – Pascal Stive
Vocals [Chant], Violin [Violon], Viola [Violon Alto], Tin Whistle, Crumhorn [Cromorne], Dulcimer – René Werneer

Producer [Realisation] – Sylvain Collaro
Engineer [Prise De Son], Mixed By [Mixage] – Laurent Thibault

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