Yezda Urfa ‎– Sacred Baboon (1976)

Sacred Baboon is an album by American symphonic/art-rock band Yezda Urfa, recorded in 1976 and released in 1989 on Syn-phonic. The album features refined versions of several tracks that appeared in rougher form on the band’s self-released demo LP Boris.

A1. “Give’em Some Rawhide Chewies” (3:50)
A2. “Cancer of the Band” (6:48)
A3. “Tota in the Moya” (10:14)
B1. “Boris and His Three Verses” (2:50)
B2. “Flow Guides Aren’t My Bag” (4:45)
B3. “(My Doc Told Me I Had) Doggie Head” (3:02)
B4. “3, Almost 4, 6, Yea” (8:39)

Rick Rodenbaugh – vocals
Phil Kimbrough – keyboards, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizers (Moog Model 15, Memorymoog, Minimoog, Elka string machine), Wurlitzer & Fender Rhodes electric pianos, Yamaha grand piano, celesta, harpsichord, accordion, Gibson H-1 mandolin, flute, soprano & tenor recorders, backing vocals
Mark Tippins – acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals
Marc Miller – Rickenbacker & Gibson Ripper basses, cello, marimba, vibraphone, backing vocals
Brad Christoff – Ludwig drums, timpani, tubular bells, metallophone, glockenspiel, gong, agogô, percussion

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