Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎– Naughty Boys (1983)

Naughty Boys is the fifth proper studio album by Japanese electro/art-pop supergroup Yellow Magic Orchestra, released in 1983 on Alfa.

A1. “Kimi Ni Mune Kyun” (4:05)
A2. “Expected Way” (4:33)
A3. “Focus” (3:40)
A4. “Ongaku” (3:25)
A5. “Opened My Eyes” (3:39)
B1. “You’ve Got to Help Yourself” (0:30)
B2. “Lotus Love” (4:04)
B3. “Kai-Koh” (4:26)
B4. “Expecting Rivers” (4:37)
B5. “Wild Ambitions” (5:11)

細野晴臣 〈Haruomi Hosono〉 — composition, lyrics, bass, bass synth, keyboard, vocals
Ryuichi Sakamoto — composition, lyrics, keyboard, vocals
高橋幸宏 〈Yukihiro Takahashi〉 — composition, lyrics, vocals, keyboard, electronic drums, cymbals

Yellow Magic Orchestra — production, arrangements, electronics, mixing engineer
Bill Nelson — guitar
Mitsuo Koike — recording engineer, mixing engineer

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