XTC ‎– Black Sea (1980)

Black Sea is the fourth album by English New Wave/art-rock band XTC, released in 1980 on Virgin.

A1. “Respectable Street” (3:37)
A2. “Generals and Majors” (4:04)
A3. “Living Through Another Cuba” (4:43)
A4. “Love at First Sight” (3:06)
A5. “Rocket From a Bottle” (3:30)
A6. “No Language in Our Lungs” (4:52)
B1. “Towers of London” (5:24)
B2. “Paper and Iron (Notes and Coins)” (4:14)
B3. “Burning With Optimism’s Flames” (4:15)
B4. “Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)” (3:56)
B5. “Travels in Nihilon” (6:56)

The Somnambulist” (4:34)
Don’t Lose Your Temper” (2:37)
Smokeless Zone
Officer Blue” (2:39)

Andy Partridge — guitar, synthesizer, vocals, songwriter
Colin Moulding — bass, vocals, songwriter
Dave Gregory — guitar, synthesizer, piano, vocals
Terry Chambers — drums, vocals

Steve Lillywhite — producer
Hugh Padgham — engineer

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