Writing on the Wall – The Power of the Picts (1969)

The Power of the Picts is the first and only album by Scottish heavy-psych band Writing on the Wall, released in 1969 on Middle Earth.

A1. “It Came on Sunday” (4:10)
A2. “Mrs. Coopers Pie” (4:50)
A3. “Ladybird” (4:48)
A4. “Aries” (6:02)
B1. “Bogeyman” (3:10)
B2. “Shadow of Man” (6:30)
B3. “Taskers Successor” (3:36)
B4. “Hill of Dreams” (3:10)
B5. “Virgina Water” (5:50)

Jake Scott — bass
Jimmy Hush — drums
Willy Finlayson — guitar
Bill Scott — keyboards
Linnie Paterson — vocals

Dave Howson — producer, conductor, arranger
Andrew Hedrixon — engineer

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