Wireless ‎– No Static (1980)

No Static is the third and final album by Canadian hard-rock band Wireless, produced by Geddy Lee and released in 1980 on Anthem.

A1. “Pay to Ride” (2:50)
A2. “Timekeeper” (3:11)
A3. “Go Naked Through the World” (3:17)
A4. “One of a Kind” (3:04)
A5. “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” (4:18)
B1. “Deep Heat” (3:06)
B2. “Warm Night With a 3/4 Moon” (3:48)
B3. “Friends” (4:02)
B4. “Journey of a Possible Hero” (4:18)

Bass, Vocals – Allan Marshall
Drums, Vocals – Marty Morin
Guitar, Vocals – Mike Crawford, Steve McMurray

Produced by Geddy Lee

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