Wire ‎– Chairs Missing (1978)

Chairs Missing is the second album by English New Wave/art-punk band Wire, released in 1978 on Harvest.

A1. “Practice Makes Perfect” (4:06)
A2. “French Film Blurred” (2:35)
A3. “Another the Letter” (1:06)
A4. “Men 2nd” (1:43)
A5. “Marooned” (2:21)
A6. “Sand in My Joints” (1:57)
A7. “Being Sucked In Again” (3:12)
A8. “Heartbeat” (3:15)
B1. “Mercy” (5:46)
B2. “Outdoor Miner” (1:45)
B3. “I Am the Fly” (3:06)
B4. “I Feel Mysterious Today” (1:56)
B5. “From the Nursery” (3:00)
B6. “Used To” (2:21)
B7. “Too Late” (4:16)

B.C. Gilbert — songwriter, guitar, arranger, sleeve design
Colin Newman — songwriter, vocals, guitar, arranger
Lewis — songwriter, bass, vocals, arranger, sleeve design
Robert Gotobed — drums, arranger

Mike Thorne — keyboards, synthesizer, producer, arranger
Paul Hardiman — engineer
Ken Thomas — assistant engineer
Chris Blair — cutting engineer
Brian Palmer — art direction
Annette Green — photography
Kate Lukas — flute

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