William S. Fischer ‎– Circles (1970)

Circles is an album by American jazz-rock keyboardist William S. Fischer, produced by Herbie Mann and released in 1970 on Embryo.

A1. “Patience Is Virtue” (4:45)
A2. “Saigon” (4:06)
A3. “Electrix” (5:00)
A4. “Chains” (4:30)
B1. “There’s a Light That Shines” (3:31)
B2. “Circle” (3:03)
B3. “Green Forever” (4:35)
B4. “Capsule” (7:00)

William S. Fischer — moog synthesizer, writer, musical director
Hugh McCracken — guitar
Eric Weissberg — guitar
Ron Carter — bass
Billy Cobham — drums, percussion
Seymour Barab — cello
Nellis DeLay — cello
Alan Shulman — cello
Harvey Shapiro — cello
Harry Wimmer — cello
Bill Robinson — vocals

Herbie Mann — producer
Dave Greene — recording engineer

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