Wilding / Bonus ‎– Pleasure Signals (1978)

Pleasure Signals is a jazz-rock collaborative effort between flutist Danny Wilding and guitarist Pete Bonas, released in 1978 on Visa Records. The pair are backed by assorted Brand X members and Automatic Man alumni.

A1. “Race for Space” (3:30)
A2. “G. Storm” (3:20)
A3. “Oddysey” (3:12)
A4. “Earth Hymn” (4:45)
A5. “Rampage” (4:35)
B1. “Theme From Alma” (5:10)
B2. “Son of Alma” (4:35)
B3. “Initiation Into the Nagual” (3:55)
B4. “Ranchtown Tango” (4:30)

Danny Wilding — flute, songwriter
Pete Bonus — guitar, bass, songwriter, producer
John Goodsall — guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, songwriter, producer
John Giblin — bass, acoustic guitar, songwriter, producer
Phil Chen — bass
Kiki Gyane — keyboards
Bayeté — keyboards
Robin Lumley — keyboards
Andy Clarke — keyboards
Chris Parren — keyboards
Kate St John — oboe
Rebop Kwaku Baah — congas
Phil Collins — drums
Greg Sheehan — drums
Preston Heyman — drums, percussion, hi-hat
Michael Shrieve — drums
Ashton Tootle — horns, horn arrangements
Phil Todd — horns, horn arrangements

Danny Wilding — producer
Murray Brenman — art direction, design
Joseph Hosey — art direction, design

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