Wild Turkey ‎– Battle Hymn (1971)

Battle Hymn is the first of two albums by English hard-rock/folk band Wild Turkey, released in 1971 on Chrysalis.

A1. “Butterfly” (5:00)
A2. “Twelve Streets of Cobbled Black” (3:10)
A3. “Dulwich Fox” (3:47)
A4. “Easter Psalm” (3:45)
A5. “To the Stars” (4:30)
B1. “Sanctuary” (4:25)
B2. “One Sole Survivor” (4:00)
B3. “Battle Hymn” (4:40)
B4. “Gentle Rain” (2:45)
B5. “Sentinel” (4:15)

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards – Glenn Cornick
Guitar, Vocals – Jon Blackmore
Lead Guitar – ‘Tweke’ Lewis
Percussion – Jeff Jones
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Gary Pickford-Hopkins

Design – Douglas Maxwell Ltd.
Engineer – Tom Allom
Producer – Rodger Bain

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