Wild Dogs ‎– Reign of Terror (1987)

Reign of Terror is the third album by Oregon metal band Wild Dogs, released in 1987 on Enigma.

A1. “Metal Fuel (In the Blood)” (4:53)
A2. “Man Against Machine” (3:48)
A3. “Call of the Dark” (4:14)
A4. “Siberian Vacation” (4:38)
A5. “Psychoradio” (4:19)
B1. “Streets of Berlin” (5:08)
B2. “Spellshock” (3:45)
B3. “Reign of Terror” (5:45)
B4. “We Rule the Night” (5:24)

Vocals – Michael Furlong
Bass – Rick Bartel
Drums – Deen Castronovo
Guitar – Jeff Mark

Art Direction – Patrick Pending
Engineer – Steve Fontano
Management – Ken Mednick
Musical Assistance – Joe Marquez
Photography By – Pat Johnson, Billy Douglas
Producer – Steve Fontano, Wild Dogs

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