White Spirit ‎– White Spirit (1980)

White Spirit is the lone album by the namesake English hard-rock/metal band, released in 1980 on MCA.

A1. “Midnight Chaser” (5:18)
A2. “Red Skies” (4:59)
A3. “High Upon High” (4:28)
A4. “Way of the Kings” (4:46)
B1. “No Reprieve” (4:41)
B2. “Don’t Be Fooled” (5:27)
B3. “Fool for the Gods” (10:08)

1980 shortplayers:
A. “Backs to the Grind” (3:38) / B. “2 Cheetah” (4:42)
A. “Midnight Chaser” / “Suffragettes

Bass – Phil Brady
Drums – Graeme Crallan
Guitar – Janick Gers
Keyboards – Malcolm Pearson
Vocals – Bruce Ruff

Artwork [Logo] – Michael Spaldin
Cover – Cream
Engineer – Bob Broglia
Producer – John McCoy

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