Whiplash ‎– Power and Pain (1985)

Power and Pain is the debut album by American thrash-metal band Whiplash, released in 1985 on Roadrunner.

A1. “Stage Dive” (3:09)
A2. “Red Bomb” (5:18)
A3. “Last Man Alive” (3:31)
A4. “Message in Blood” (4:04)
B1. “War Monger” (3:18)
B2. “Power Thrashing Death” (4:13)
B3. “Stirring the Cauldron” (4:18)
B4. “Spit on Your Grave” (2:49)
B5. “Nailed to the Cross” (4:05)

Tony Portaro — guitar, vocals, writer
Tony Bono — bass
Tony Scaglione — drums

Vinnie Stigma — backing vocals
Rob Kabula — backing vocals
Petrus Steele — backing vocals
Louie Beateaux — backing vocals
Whiplash — backing vocals
Connie Barrett — producer
Norman Dunn — producer
Michael Marciano — engineer
Sean Taggart — cover art
Michael Cheski — photography

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