Weekend ‎– La Varieté (1982)

La Varieté is the singular album by Welsh sophisti-pop trio Weekend, released in 1982 on Rough Trade.

A1. “The End of the Affair” (3:05)
A2. “Weekend Stroll” (3:23)
A3. “Summer Days” (2:53)
A4. “Carnival Headache” (2:51)
A5. “Drum Beat for Baby” (2:57)
A6. “Life in the Day of (Pt 1)” (3:49)
B1. “Life in the Day of (Pt 2)” (2:23)
B2. “Sleepy Theory” (2:52)
B3. “Woman’s Eyes” (2:49)
B4. “Weekend Off” (3:20)
B5. “Red Planes” (4:46)
B6. “Nostalgia” (3:50)

Alison Statton — vocals, bass, writer
Simon Booth — guitar, writer
Spike — guitar, viola, string arrangements, writer

Dawson Miller — percussion
Roy Dodds — drums
Dave Harwood — double bass, violin, string arrangements
Larry Stabbins — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, writer
Weekend — arranger
Robbin Millar — arranger
Norman Mighell — mixing, recording engineer
Chaz Harrowell — mixing, recording engineer
Phil Moxham — bass (A3, A4)
Annie Whitehead — (A4)

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