Web ‎– I Spider (1970)

I Spider is the third album by English jazz-rock band Web, released in 1970 on Polydor. The band would subsequently morph into Samurai for a similarly styled 1971 album.

A1. “Concerto for Bedsprings” (10:10)
— a. I Can’t Sleep
— b. Sack Song
— c. Peaceful Sleep
— d. You Can Keep the Good Life
— e. Loner
A2. “I Spider” (8:31)
B1. “Love You” (5:21)
B2. “Ymphasomniac” (6:43)
B3. “Always I Want” (8:10)

Dave Lawson — organ, piano, electric harpsichord, Mellotron, vocals, composition
Kenny Beveridge — drums, bongos, woodblock, jawbone
John Eaton — bass, cabasa
Tony Edwards — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Tom Harris — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, concert flute, tambourine

Mike Thompson — engineering
Robin Thompson — engineering
Lennie Wright — production
Robin Clifford — photography

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